Real Estate Lawyer in New York

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Residential Real Estate Closings in NY

  • Manage the complex process of finalizing property transactions
  • Ensure that all necessary documentation is accurately prepared and filed
  • Provide essential guidance to home buyers and sellers and complex real estate contracts interpretation
  • Help to navigate the intricacies of real estate contracts, title issues, and the overall closing process
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Commercial Real Estate Closings in NY

  • Oversee the finalization of commercial property transactions
  • Ensure that legal obligations are met, and protect our clients’ interests.
  • Invaluable assistance in dealing with contract negotiation, due diligence, property inspections, zoning issues, title searches, and financing arrangements
  • Make the transaction seamless and legally sound for businesses and investors
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Deed Transfers
in NY

  • Handle the process of transferring property ownership
  • Ensuring all paperwork is correctly executed and filed Provide essential guidance in understanding the legal implications of different types of deeds, like warranty or quitclaim deeds
  • Help to avoid potential disputes or complications, thus ensuring a smooth and legally secure property transfer
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Professional Real Estate Attorney
in New York

SargoLaw is a comprehensive Real Estate Law Firm with a specialization in both residential and commercial real estate dealings. We offer representation to individuals, enterprises, and institutional clients throughout the entire process of buying, selling, leasing, and financing of commercial, residential, mixed-use, and unoccupied properties across all five NYC boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley. Michael Anthony Sargo, the driving force of our firm, possesses a deep understanding of the commercial and residential real estate markets in New York.

Real Estate Lawyer: Representation
and Review

Borrower / Refinance Representation in NY

  • provides crucial legal assistance to clients seeking to refinance their mortgages
  • navigates complex loan terms
  • protects clients’ rights throughout the refinancing process
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Lender Representation / Settlement Agent in NY

  • offers essential legal services to lending institutions
  • ensures proper execution of loan documents
  • safeguards the lender’s interests throughout real estate transactions
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Lease Preparation & Review in NY

  • serves as a legal representative for mortgage lenders
  • ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • facilitates a smooth and efficient closing process for all parties involved in the real estate transaction
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In terms of securing financing for real estate purchases or mortgage refinancing, both residential and commercial, Michael Anthony Sargo has a unique insight into the mortgage lending sector. He has previously and continues to represent numerous national and regional institutional lenders in financing hundreds of commercial and residential real estate purchases and refinances.

Assistance of corporations and
LLC in Real Estate Cases

Apart from real estate, SargoLaw also offers assistance in the establishment of corporations and limited liability companies. If you're considering incorporating an existing business or establishing an LLC, we can prepare the required documentation and submit the necessary forms on your behalf to the New York Secretary of State's office swiftly, accurately, and effectively.

Residential and Commercial Real
Estate Lawyer in NY

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Hundreds of successful Residential and Commercial Real Estate closings


We have a proven track record of success. We have helped our clients achieve positive outcomes in a wide range of cases.


Partnerships in Residential and Commercial development in New York

Whether you’re buying your dream home, selling a property that no longer meets your requirements, refinancing an adjustable rate mortgage that’s about to become a high interest rate mortgage, or incorporating your business, Michael Anthony Sargo is dedicated to providing you with the most competent, professional, efficient, and affordable legal representation possible. At SargoLaw, every client is treated as our top priority, and we maintain that focus throughout our engagement and beyond. We ensure that all client communication, be it phone calls or emails, receive prompt responses. Michael Anthony Sargo’s primary office is conveniently situated at 160 Broadway, STE 705 New York, NY 10038. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our services and to understand the processes and issues related to real estate transactions. We hope this website serves as a useful resource in addressing any initial queries you may have. We look forward to the chance to serve you better by providing advice that’s specifically tailored to your transaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or the web form below to learn how we can assist you today.


What clients says

Karen Jahn

I would recomend Michael to anyone looking for a reliable, competent, easy to deal with, crisp communicator and balanced counsel on home sale or purchase transaction. Made everything smooth and handled any bumps with grace and ease.

Mandy Zhang
Michael helped me with my first apartment purchase. He was extremely responsive and thoroughly answered all of my questions. In addition, he was always eager to help, very professional, patient, trustworthy, and kind. It was a great experience! I would give him 6 stars if I could!
Victoria W.

Michael went above and beyond for us in our real estate sale. Would highly recommend for real estate transactions, and would definitely be using again in the future. Michael is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

P Halpin

Breaks all the stereotypes of Attorneys. Friendly and really cares about his clients not just the pay day. If you want someone who is an expert in Real Estate Law and a great person to work with then you have found your man.

Wlad Pierre-Francois
I highly recommend Mike A. Sargo for all Real Estate legal matters.

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